San Jose Navigation Ltd
Supplier of all our GPS antennas and cable assemblies
The Cleverscope CS328 is a USB connected mixed signal PC oscilloscope which brings benefits to the user that are unavailable from traditional stand-alone oscilloscopes.
Plastic and Steel Products
Precision machining and high quality processing and painting. Not yet on the internet but available on +64 9 624-1004
Supplies PCBs and common components, completes surface mount assembly and testing with high reliability.

Other Manufacturers

Stable frequency sources are crucial to the effective transmission of digital signals. Since the outset, Oscilloquartz has specialised in frequency technology and developed quartz crystal oscillators to the highest level of technical achievement.
From minimal infrastructure investment to missile launches we offer GPS and time code instrumentation solutions for multiple applications and a wide customer base.
Spectracom Corporation
GPS Timing Servers
CXR Larus Corporation